Thursday, April 22, 2021
Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Article On “Proof That The Pandemic Was Planned” Includes False And Unsubstantiated COVID-19 Related Claims

Article published by Madison Area Lyme Support Group lists a variety of false and misleading claims related to COVID-19 claiming it's “proof that the pandemic was planned and with purpose.”

Weekly Wrap: A Look At The Different Political & COVID-19 Related Claims Viral In India

Read the top misleading and false news of the week in five minutes.

2019 Image Of Arvind Kejriwal Putting Mask On A Young Boy Shared Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

An old image of Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal and his Deputy Manish Sisodia falsely shared amid ongoing pandemic to imply that their flouting COVID-19 appropriate norms.

Queen Elizabeth Did Not Call PM Modi “A Good Boy” For Supplying COVID-19 Vaccines To The UK

the image of Queen Elizabeth thanking PM Modi for the supply of COVID-19 vaccine doses to the United Kingdom is edited. A message by the Queen from early in the pandemic was edited to mislead users.

COVID-19 Vaccine Related Pamphlet By Biswaroop Chaudhary Includes False And Misleading Claims

COVID-19 vaccine claims made in the viral pamphlet by Biswaroop Chaudhary +others are misleading and false. No credible evidence to support these claims.

Whatsapp Message On COVID-19 Vaccine Registration For Elderly On Co-WIN Is False

Press Information Bureau Fact-check verified the Whatsapp message on COVID-19 vaccine registration for the elderly on Co-WIN app to be false.

Tumkur Health Officials Did Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19, Viral Video Shared With Misleading Claims

Videos claiming to be of two Tumkur health officials “pretending” to get the new COVID-19 vaccine administered have gone viral on Twitter.  The viral video...

Claims On Doctors Recommending COVID-19 Vaccine Injections In The Penis Are False

The first week of 2021 continues to witness mis/ disinformation surrounding COVID-19 vaccines.  The Central Drugs and Standards Committee on Sunday approved the restricted emergency...

Unrelated 2019 Image Manipulated With CNN Logo To Spark Fear Around COVID-19 Vaccines

The latest on fake news surrounding COVID-19 vaccines includes online users sharing an image with a claim which reads, “hospitals on lockdown as first...

CHI Memorial Nurse Did Not Die After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine, Video Lacks Context

As news about COVID-19 vaccines make headlines worldwide, misleading and false claims around vaccines are shared widely on social media platforms.  Recently, a claim that...

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