Thursday, February 22, 2024
Thursday, February 22, 2024

Monthly Archives: February, 2022

Images Of Ex-Miss Ukraine Falsely Shared Claiming She Has Joined Ukraine’s Army

Claim Former Miss Ukraine Anastasiia Lenna has joined Ukraine's army to defend her country against Russia. Fact In the wake of the #RussiaUkraineConflict, multiple instances of false...

Old Photos Of Women Ukrainian Soldiers Shared As New

Viral images of women Ukrainian soldiers fighting against the invasion by Russia were verified to be old images shared out of context.

10-Year-Old Video Of Palestinian girl taking on Israeli soldier Falsely Linked To #RussiaUkraineConflict

A video of a young girl confronting an armed soldier is doing the rounds on social media amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. The video...

Viral Image Of Children ‘Paying Their Respect’ To Troops Is OLD. Not Connected To The Ongoing Russian-Ukrainian Conflict 

The Russian ‘military operation’ in Ukraine entered its fifth day on Monday. Though Ukrainian authorities claimed that "Russian occupiers have reduced the pace of...

 Video Of Two Boys Helping Handicapped Man Fix His Tricycle Is Scripted 

Famous novelist Paulo Coelho shared what appears to be CCTV footage showing two school children helping a handicapped man fix his tricycle with the...

2016 Video Of Turkish Football Fans Chanting Against Putin Shared As New

Viral video of Turkish football fans chanting against Vladimir Putin was verified to be from 2016.

Gun Wielding Woman Soldier In Viral Image Is Not Ukraine Vice President’s Wife

CLAIM A photograph of a female officer of the Ukrainian army is being shared on social media identifying her to be Ukraine's Vice President's Wife...

This Viral Picture Of A Crying Young Girl Has Nothing To Do With The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

This image of a crying girl sitting next to a woman who is seen lying injured and immobile woman is being shared widely on social media, claiming to show the human cost of Russia's attack on Ukraine.

Image Of Sword-Wielding ‘Japanese Ambassador’ In Samurai Armour Is Actually The Ukrainian Envoy To Japan 

Claim The man seen in the image is the Japanese ambassador to Ukraine, who is holding his great-grandfather's samurai sword which was delivered to him...

Mapping Manipur’s Progress Under Five Years Of BJP Rule 

Attending a campaign rally in Manipur on February 24, Home Minister Amit Shah heaped praises on incumbent Chief Minister N Biren Singh for leading...



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