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Monthly Archives: August, 2022

Yet Another Video Of Buildings On Fire In Bangladesh Shared With Communal Claim

A video showing a raging blaze engulfing a set of buildings as the fire department attempts to tackle the fire, is being shared by...

Did Dawn Attribute Massive Flooding In Pakistan To ‘People Not Reading Quran’? No, Edited Screenshot Goes Viral

A screenshot of a report allegedly published in Pakistan's news outlet Dawn is going viral on social media platforms....

Muslims Boys Caught With Hindu Girls At Hookah Bar In Madhya Pradesh? Know Truth Behind Viral Video Here

A video showing two men in police uniform ‘raiding’ what appears to be a basement, where three young couples can be seen in intimate...

After India Beat Pak In Asia Cup, Old Video Of Pakistan Fans Breaking TV Sets Go Viral 

This fact-check was originally done in Newschecker Hindi by Saurabh Pandey. Claim Pakistani fans break TVs after their team lost to India in a close Asia...

Video Showing Al Sadr Supporters Attacking Iranian Pilgrim Bus In Baghdad Is False

Viral video claiming Al Sadr supporters attacking a Iranian pilgrim bus in Baghdad was verified to be a clash between football fans in Egypt.

Viral Video Claiming Arabs Celebrated India’s Asia Cup Win Over Pakistan Is Edited 

The Indian men’s cricket team on Sunday defeated Pakistan in an Asia Cup 2022 encounter at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium by five wickets....

Scripted Video Of A Woman Sedating Another In An Elevator To Loot Her Goes Viral With False Claims 

Viral video of woman sedating another in an elevator to loot her was verified to be a scripted video.

No, Viral Video Does Not Show ‘Rare Sight’ Of Tirumala Tirupati Temple

A video claiming to bestow social media users with a “very rare darshan” of the famed Tirumala Tirupati temple is going viral on social...

No, ‘Condemn’ Was Not Spelt ‘Condom’ In Placards Against Imran Khan In Pakistan

Viral image of protesters holding placards against Imran Khan which spelt 'condemn' as 'condom' was verified to be altered.

Viral Video Of Pakistan Floods Is From 2016

Claim Social media users are sharing a video allegedly showing recent floods in Pakistan. Many other users also shared the same video, claiming to be from...



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