Friday, July 19, 2024
Friday, July 19, 2024

Monthly Archives: September, 2021

An Old Video Of Stone Pelting Falsely Shared As A Recent Act Of The Taliban

A video of a man being stoned to death is falsely shared with the claim that it shows Taliban's brutality in Afghanistan.

Manipulated image of The New York Times praising PM Modi on its front page viral

A photoshopped image claiming the New York Times featured and praised PM Narendra Modi on its front page has gone viral online.

Did Twitter Suspend Nicki Minaj’s Account? Newschecker’s Investigation Revealed The Claim Was False

Claims regarding Nicki Minaj’s suspension on twitter have been viral after the singer's controversial tweet. The claims are false. The rapper’s account is live and her controversial tweet on the vaccine’s side-effect is also accessible.

Viral Photo Of A Woman Coolie Wrongly Claimed To Be Of India’s First Female Porter

Social media posts claim Marawi to be the first female porter but our research shows this is misleading. Though Marawi works as a porter, she is not the first. Manju Devi from Rajasthan is working as a porter long before Marawi.

Has The Entire Unit Of The Aam Aadmi Party In Gujarat Switched To The BJP?

Has The Entire Unit Of The Aam Aadmi Party In Gujarat Switched To The BJP? A post being shared widely claimed that the “Whole AAP Gujarat Unit Joined BJP Today”. Our research into this story proves otherwise.

Old Video Of Ganesha Idol Shared Claiming It To Be This Year’s “Lalbaugcha Raja”

Amidst the festive spirit of Ganesha Chaturthi, an old video of unveiling of an idol went viral with a false claim to be this year's Lalbaugcha Raja.

Video Game Footage Shared By Indian Media Channels Claiming It To Be From Panjshir Valley

Indian news channels reporting on developments in Panjshir valley- the last province fighting against the Taliban- aired videos claiming “Pakistani forces are helping the...

Viral Video Of A “Dead Body” Dangling From A Helicopter In Afghanistan Is False: FACT CHECK

American evacuations from Afghanistan ended on 31st August 2021 but they left behind ammunition worth millions of dollars which is now under the control...

Has Indian Judge Dalveer Bhandari been elected the Chief Justice of the International Court of Justice? No, reveals our Fact check

Justice Dalveer Bhandari has not been appointed as Chief Justice of ICJ nor has India taken over the postion after 71 years of Great Britain holding it



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