Monday, June 24, 2024
Monday, June 24, 2024

Monthly Archives: October, 2021

Amidst Reports Of Violence in Tripura, Old Images Find Their Way To Mainstream Narrative

The recent communal violence in Bangladesh saw a spillover effect in India, with violence in Tripura directed at Muslims, allegedly by VHP ...

Weekly Wrap: Old Videos Of Celebrations In Srinagar, Fake News On Molnupiravir & More

Seeing is believing, they say but the phrase does not always hold true on the internet. From videos showing celebrations of Pakistan’s victory in...

CGI Art Video Falsely Shared As Hurricane Shaheen, Goes Viral

A digital art video from May 2019 was falsely shared as Hurricane Shaheen in Oman. 

Photo Of Delhi Rohingya Camp Fire Victims Shared As Muslims Attacked In Tripura

New Delhi: An image showing two young men holding copies of the Holy Quran, with the caption identifying them as Muslims attacked in Tripura...

Wrong Image Shared As Former Indonesian President’s daughter Who Converted To Hinduism

Old photo of the Princes of Java was falsely shared in the context of Sukmawati Sukarnoputri’s conversion to Hinduism.

Video From 2020 Shared As Celebrations In Srinagar After Ind Vs Pak T20 WC Match

New Delhi: A video, allegedly from Srinagar, showing young men setting off fireworks in a dark alleyway, cheering and waving Pakistan’s flags after the...

November 2020 Attack on Sameer Wankhede Goes Viral As Recent In Context Of Cruise Ship Case

An old incident where Sameer Wankhede and NCB team was attacked by drug peddlers is falsely shared as recent in context of cruise ship case

No, Merck’s new drug Molnupiravir is not repackaged Ivermectin

Rumours in the US are saying that Merck's new experimental COVID-19 drug Molnupiravir is repackaged Ivermectin

Is Japan Cancelling Microwaves? No, Viral Forward Is a Hoax

New Delhi: A WhatsApp forward claiming that the Japanese government is doing away with microwaves has been going viral on the chat platform in...

Is Government Giving 4000 Rupees Under ‘Pradhan Mantri Ramban Suraksha Yojana’? No, Viral Message Is Spam

Message Promising 4000 Rupees To Youth Under Pradhan Mantri Ramban Suraksha Yojana Went Viral. The Message Is Fabricated With A Link To A Phishing Website.



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