Sunday, July 21, 2024
Sunday, July 21, 2024

Monthly Archives: September, 2020

Explosions in KFC and Hardee In Abu Dhabi Are Not Related To First Commercial Flight From Israel To UAE

A Twitter user claims there were explosions in KFC and Hardee in Abu Dhabi ahead of the first commercial flight operations in the United...

Image Showing 16 Bruised Faces Falsely Attributed To Recent Protests In Sweden

Gaurav Goel, a BJP spokesperson and advocate attributed an image showing 16 bruised faces to Jihadis in Sweden. The image includes photographs of 15...

Recent Video Of Couple Being Mistreated Shared With False Caste Angle

A recent tweet attributes mistreatment of a man and woman shown in a video to caste division in India. The video in context shows...

Recent Photograph Of A Car Burning Shared With Misleading Claims Related To Norway

A Twitter user claimed that a photograph of a car burning is from Norway. It also states this incident occurred after recent protests in...



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