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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Monthly Archives: November, 2021

Weekly Wrap: Fake Claim on Pfizer CEO’s Arrest, His Wife’s Death And More

From alleged arrest of Pfizer CEO to his wife's death due due to complications, misinformation around vaccination saw new heights this past week.

New Year Celebration Video From Taipei 101 Goes Viral As Diwali Celebrations In Taiwan

A video showing New Year’s Eve celebrations from the Taipei building falsely shared as Diwali celebrations 2021.

Did Rashid Alvi say ‘Those Saying Jai Shri Ram Are Demons’? Viral Clip Shared With Missing Context

Senior Congress leader Rashid Alvi dragged into controversy for allegedly saying those who raise chants of Jai Shri Ram are demons.

After Falsely Claiming Pfizer CEO’s Arrest, Canadian Website Now Claims His Wife Is Dead Due To Vaccine Complications

An article by Conservative Beaver’s stating Myriam Bourla, -wife of Pfizer's CEO- has died to COVID-19 vaccine side effects is fabricated.

2018 Video Falsely Shared As Tata Air India’s First Flight, Goes Viral

A video showing celebrations on an airplane was falsely shared as 'Tata Air India’s first flight.' The video shows celebrations on Air India flight when direct flights between Birmingham to Amritsar was resumed.

Viral Pro-BJP Forward Attributed To Mark Tully Is Fabricated

A message praising PM Modi in his efforts to save the country attributed to Mark Tully was widely shared on social media. Newschecker's investigation found the message to be falsely attributed Tully and hence fabricated.

False Article Claiming Pfizer CEO Bourla’s Arrest Circulating On Social Media

A false article by a Canadian website '' claiming Pfizer's CEO has been arrested for vaccine fraud is doing the rounds on Facebook and Whatsapp in India.

Viral Video Of Worms Being Pulled Out Of Bananas Is Misleading

Viral video showing worms in banana shared with a claim that it can cause brain death is false. The video is not from India and the claims made are misleading.

Video of Akhilesh Yadav Saying ‘Jinnah Got Us Azadi’ Shared Without Context

A video where the SP leader is heard saying 'Jinnah Got Us Azadi', is being widely shared on social media.

Fake Message On Puneeth Rajkumar’s Death Attributed To Dr Devi Shetty Goes Viral

A message claiming actor Puneeth Rajkumar died as ‘he did too much to be fit’ has been falsely attributed to doctor Devi Shetty.



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