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Monday, July 22, 2024

Monthly Archives: November, 2023

Weekly Wrap: Misinformation Around Israel-Hamas Conflict, ICC World Cup & More

From the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict to the World Cup for men’s cricket, social media saw a spate of false claims in the past week,...

No, Pepsi didn’t change its design to support Palestine

The Israeli company Pepsi changed its product design to avoid a boycott and added "Palestine" to it is false.

Israeli Ambassador Removed From UN General Assembly Over Palestine Conflict? No, Viral Video Is Of Unrelated Incident

Claim Israeli ambassador kicked out of the UN General Assembly over the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. The archived version of the tweet can be seen here. Fact Newschecker first...

Treatment Against Covid Vaccine? No, Viral Video Of Australian News Report Is Clipped

Claim A news report states that “An Australian biotech company has developed a new treatment it hopes will prevent people dying from Covid vaccines.” The archived...

2014 Video Of Iraqi Soldier Getting Shot Falsely Linked To Israel-Hamas Conflict

Claim A Hamas militant gets shot in the head. The archived version of the tweet can be seen here. Fact Newschecker ran a reverse image search of keyframes...

No, Ratan Tata Hasn’t Announced Rs 10cr For Afghanistan Cricketer Rashid Khan

Neither did Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan display the Indian flag after the match with Pakistan, nor was he fined by the ICC for it. The claim that Ratan Tata announced Rs 10 Cr for the cricketer is also false.

CNN Report On Israel-Hamas Conflict Staged? No, Video’s Audio Was Altered

Claim CNN forgets it’s on air as the director instructs the reporter and cameraman, who are covering the Israel-Hamas conflict, to pretend there’s been a...

Fact Check: The Video Showing Dead Bodies Moving is from Egypt not Palestine

The footage is from a 2013 anti-military protest demonstration by university students at Cairo, Egypt.

Are Jannat Certificates being Issued To Mujahideen in Pakistan Promising them 72 Hoors? Here’s The Truth

Claim 'Jannat Certificate' are being issued to mujahideen(terrorists) promising 72 hoor to them when they end their lives in the name of Jihad. Newschecker has also...

2017 Video Of Israeli Soldiers Detaining Palestinian Minors Goes Viral Amid 2023 Conflict

Claim Israeli soldiers arresting Palestinian children and locking them up in cages.  The archived version of the tweet can be seen here. Also Read: Viral Video Of...



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