Thursday, May 13, 2021
Thursday, May 13, 2021


Journalist Naveen Kumar’s Video On COVID-19 Falsely Attributed To Aaj Tak’s Anchor Rohit Sardana

Journalist Naveen Kumar’s video on India’s second COVID-19 wave and distressed healthcare system was falsely attributed to Aaj Tak’s anchor Rohit Sardana.

Image Of Positive And Negative Control Swabs On Test Kits Used For Quality Control, Not Testing Patients

Image showing “Positive Control Swab” and “Negative Control Swab” on COVID-19 antigen test kits by ACON laboratories are in fact used to maintain quality control, not for testing patients.

Visuals Of People Collapsing From Visakhapatanam’s Gas Leak Tragedy Shared Amid India’s Second COVID-19 Wave

Video showing people collapsing in the backdrop of India’s second COVID-19 wave is misleading. Visuals are from Visakhapatanam’s gas leak tragedy in Andhra Pradesh last year.

Claims Suggesting Women Not To Take COVID-19 Vaccine 5 Days Before And After Their Periods Is Misleading

There’s no scientific evidence or data to support the claim suggesting women not take the COVID-19 vaccine 5 days before and after their period. Medical experts have also refuted the claim.

Whatsapp Message Titled “Anyone requiring Plasma for Covid treatment” With List Of Alleged Donors Is Misleading

Whatsapp message beginning with “Anyone requiring Plasma for Covid treatment” suggesting a list of people donating blood plasma in the wake of India’s second COVID-19 wave is misleading.