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Claim on Russia gifting Pakistan one million COVID vaccines
Fact check4 weeks ago

Claim On Russia Gifting Pakistan 1 Million COVID Vaccines Is False

US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard's video shared as New Zealand's PM Jacinda Ardern
Fact check1 month ago

Video of US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Shared With Misleading Claims Related To New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern

Old video of Titan, the robot at IDEX 2019 shared with misleading claims
Fact check1 month ago

Bahrain’s King Did Not Arrive In Dubai With A Robot Bodyguard, Old Video Shared With Misleading Claims

Simulation video of Air India Express' Kozhikode plane crash
Fact check1 month ago

Manorama News Publishes Simulation Video To Show Cockpit Of Kozhikode’s Plane Crash, Later Corrected

Claim on Chamarajanagar district SP Divya Sara Thomas pressurising a priest to place a photo of Jesus in a temple.
Fact check1 month ago

Chamarajanagar District SP Divya’s Images From Anjaneya Temple Shared With Misleading Claims

Video of priests quarrelling with govt. officials in Karnataka is from 2015
Fact check1 month ago

Old Video Of Priests In Karnataka Passed Off As Recent After Ram Mandir Bhoomi Poojan

Floods caused by hurricane Hanna drag away cattle in a river in Mexico
Fact check1 month ago

A Video Showing Cattle Being Dragged Away By Floods Is From Mexico, Not Kerala

Claim on British PM Johnson performing Sri Ram Abhishek at his residence on 5 August
Fact check1 month ago

Old Image Of British PM Johnson Shared With Misleading Claims of Him Performing Sri Ram Abhishek

NASA did not share an image of India after Ram Janam Bhoomi pooja
Fact check1 month ago

Old Image Of India Shared With False Claims After Ram Janam Bhoomi Poojan

Social media post claims that the arrival of Rafale jets in India was celebrated in France
Fact check1 month ago

France Did Not Celebrate Arrival Of Rafale Jets In India, Old Video From Italy Goes Viral With False Claims

Massive crowd at Bangalore's KR Market
Fact check2 months ago

Year Old Video Showing A Massive Crowd At Bangalore’s KR Market Goes Viral With Misplaced Context

Dr Valliyate, Chairman of PETA India allegedly wearing leather accessories
Fact check2 months ago

Viral Claim On Dr Valliyate, Chairman of PETA India Wearing Leather Accessories Is False

Indian band, Swargandhar, performs during EU's Folklore Festival in Spain, 2018
Fact check2 months ago

Old Video Of An Indian Band Playing Dhol In EU’s Folklore Festival Passed Off As Ram Mandir Celebration

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